You may or may not have heard the name Nessly pop up on a Spotify playlist or in your friend’s car over the past year and a half. My first experience with this unique artist was probably similar to many others, in which I came across “Season (feat. Lil Yachty)” , surprised to see Lil Boat on a song with someone I have never heard of. However, after listening to that track and realizing it absolutely slaps, I fell in love with Nessly’s voice, which seems to synthesize some of hip hop’s favorite sounds. His style is immediately unique and automatically intriguing, only to be described as a mix of Travis Scott auto-tune, a dash of SoundCloud underground and plentiful melodic hooks. Nessly is an artist that has clearly had a slow rise that was meant for a purpose of perfecting his lane and  reaching larger audiences.


Two years ago in 2016, Nessly could be seen on a regular day rolling through Atlanta flexing the same vibrant color scheme he wears today, working hard and sending his music to OVO Radio, catching back to back plays. It is definitely safe to say that 2016 is the year when Nessly’s many years of hard work finally started to pay off. He released two full projects, the first being the Mixtape “Still Finessin’” and the second being an official EP, “Solo Boy Band“. This definitely helped him gain traction with his colorful artwork and motivating bars being available more widespread on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.


Image via @nessly 

“I really came up overnight, that’s how it seems when you’re looking at it
Really took ten years to become an overnight success”

It is easy to overlook how long Nessly has been committed to this craft. You see him everywhere with “Ski Mask The Slump God” and “Joji” featured on his own music this past year. However, what really inspired me to write this was his feature on DJ Carnage’s new album on the song “Bed Bugs” where he collaborates with Takeoff and Yung Pinch, and clearly demonstrates his magical ability to create a memorable, catchy chorus. Honestly, I dare you to play this song for anyone and tell me they do not like the chorus. It is pretty weird to look back a year ago where I was bumping “Moonwalking” and “The Sky” without really knowing who Nessly was, to seeing him reach new levels now.

Based off of his history making music and unique contribution to the scene in general, it is obvious that you need to Keep an Eye on Nessly.


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