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Die lit1) “Shoota (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)” by Playboi Carti

Cash Carti is back again this summer with another album full of songs to milly rock to. This collaboration with Lil Uzi is an instant classic, with Uzi and Carti both using their own specific talents to give their users an instant playlist add. The equation of this song looks kinda like: Shoota = (Summer Anthem + I Am Really That Dude) / (Good Vibes)

4 gold chains2) “4 Gold Chains (feat. Clams Casino)” by Lil Peep

Even after his death, Lil Peep’s legacy is still contributing heavily to the emo rap lane that he nearly created. This track discusses the balance between issues of fame and family attention that Peep faced during his final days. Clams Casino, a producer known for his mystical, entrancing beats helps make this song absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. RIP Peep.

life3) “Life” by Saba

First of all, let me just say that I love the production on this track. Second of all, Saba comes in hard, ready to tell his likely newly found audience that he has definitely had his struggles, specifically some not-so-light family issues. None of it feels like he is asking for pity, in fact, he is explaining the shit that motivated him to get where he was.

Yes Indeed4) “Yes Indeed (feat. Drake)” by Lil Baby

Drake has been collaborating with a lot of new heads this year, and man was I excited to see Lil Baby as one of them. This song is honestly just a hard flex at how Lil Baby and Drake are rich as Gatsby but it goesssss. Definitely pull up to the function bumping this.

Activated5) “Fuck it Off (feat. Chris Brown)” by Tee Grizzly

Tee Grizzly has had a long come up, and this song produced by Detroit legend Helluva Beats, is reminiscent of his first break out songs. Except this time, not only is he out of prison, but living a lavish life. Grizzly makes it clear that he deserved his come up and isn’t folding for anything. Also, Chris Brown is on this, since he is on every song these days.

Lawn Chair6) “Lawn Chair” by Kota the Friend

Kota the Friend is probably still considered underground at this point in his career, but I guarantee you that will change. Something about this song just gives me that post meditation at monk school feeling. Kota explains his daily actions and thoughts, which consist of chilling out and not stressing about his anxieties, a problem he used to face.  “Mix the vodka with Tropicana and watch Atlanta” Kota is really living it right.

CARNAGE7) “Bed Bugs (feat. Nessly, Yung Pinch, Takeoff)” by Carnage

If you read the article about Nessly that I recently wrote, you know that I am a big fan. He helps this song create the vibe it has, crafting a smooth transition of a chorus between the verses of Yung Pinch and Takeoff. The beat that Carnage uses for this song is perfect too. Can definitely imagine myself cruising around the city at midnight thumping this. Keep an eye out for Nessly.

Edited by CutMeSomeFLAC

8) “Vacation (feat. Joey Bada$$)” by Flatbush Zombies

I can’t lie, I only clicked this song for the first time because of Joey, but Flatbush has left me wanting more after this banger. This song has been my personal anthem this past week, catching the replay button many times throughout my 20 hour road trip. Joey and Flatbush seem to have similar styles and go together really well. All 3 members of Flatbush are really unique and you can expect to see them more, especially on Meteor.

ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME9) “All Girls Are The Same” by Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD is extremely capable of creating his own genre with the path he is going down. All Girls Are The Same has rap elements such as rolling hi-hats, but on SoundCloud it is categorized as #rock. Either way, I love his sound, and this song has the emotional power of Marvin’s Room. Catch ANYONE in their bed with a deep gaze at their ceiling, a single tear shed, and thinking about the shawty they lost.

drop top benz10) “Drop Top Benz (feat. Lil Skies)” by Lil GNAR

To wrap up this week, we have my absolute favorite artist, Lil Skies, collaborating with Lil GNAR. Look at that cover art real quick first and laugh. I am a simple man, as soon as I see Lil Skies, I listen. However, I was happily surprised with the ability of Lil GNAR too. Nothing too lyrical here, but I can easily get with it and vibe, while feeling like a rockstar who gets endless females. This song is blasting windows down every time I pull up to 7/11 to put $5 of gas in my Ford Focus.


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