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sold out shows1) “Sold Out Dates (feat. Lil Baby)” by Gunna

Lil Baby is really showing up these past few weeks, so I had to show you guys one of the tracks that first put me on to the glow. Gunna and Baby collaborated and provided the heat on this smooth beat that dropped in April. I have consistently been listening to this everywhere and it has become one of my go to’s for the whole year. Dont’t sleep on either of these guys.

world rage2) “World Rage” by Lil Skies

Dawg this is a given. Like I said last week, Lil Skies is my absolute favorite artist right now, and no matter how objective I try and be, there will always be bias when discussing his work. Of course he had to mess around and set the world on fire with this track, literally look at the album cover. This goes hard and is a little different sound than what Skies usually does. No Spotify love though so listen on Soundcloud or Youtube.

3) “Juveniles (feat. YBN Nahmir) ” by Wifisfuneral

Let me just inform you guys really quick that Wifisfuneral is from the Bronx in NY and YBN Nahmir is from Alabama…so tell me why the fuck this song sounds so hyphy. This track sounds like it is directly extracted from the Bay, and has an SOB x RBE flow throughout its entirety, which makes me wanna go nuts, in a great way. Anyone who has seen me listen to Bay area shit in the car knows that the ride will not be safe.

Goodbye & Good Riddance4) “End of the Road” by Juice WRLD

Woah, this man Juice WRLD really dropped a whole new project today…expect a smooth album review coming soon. This is probably my favorite track on the whole thing. It discussed Juice WRLD’s ability to move on and forget the past, a theme that isn’t so common within his work. I love this song and make sure to listen to Goodbye & Good Riddance because Juice WRLD definitely needs an eye kept on him.

Tyga-ft-Offset-Taste5) “Taste (feat. Offset)” by Tyga

I am not sure how some of you forget that Tyga was really running shit back in like 2012. He seems to get so much bologna these days, and despite most of it being hilarious, he is pretty talented at making catchy club songs. This is exactly that. Great song to start the summer right and definitely makes me wanna slide a club and get the fuck down even though I’m only 19. Offset verse is flames too.

asap-rocky-asap-forever6) “A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)” by A$AP Rocky

I know it has been out for a while but this one is kind of just to remind you all that A$AP Rocky’s new project drops on Friday. “A$AP Forever” is a phenomenal anthem and gets me real excited for what is to come with Testing. Also, there will be an A$AP Rocky analysis style article coming out tomorrow and of course, a Testing album review to follow shortly. Get hype…Lord Flvcko is back.

168cd26a80bbc3d66ef43031028bd49e.960x960x17) “Either Hated or Ignored” by $uicideBoy$

Usually I only listen to $uicideBoy$ if I feel like starting a gang in San Francisco or crying my sorrows away but this song gives me a feeling of triumph and motivation. I have been listening to it for a month or so and some days it deadass helps me to get going and stay focused. I would love for them to release more tracks like this in the future. Even though I still don’t understand half of the words they say.

1526617635_48f5c1fff446f591d18281c35103198b8) “Champion (feat. Travis Scott)” by NAV

If you read my Reckless review, you know that I am not a big fan of this project at all. However, this track with Travis Scott is good and honestly I just miss Travis Scott. We haven’t heard from Cactus Jack in a while…where is AstroWorld? Anyways, great song choice for cruising around and filling your brain with the numbing ad libs and images of Hollywood nights that NAV is good at providing.

bleu cheese9) “Bleu Cheese” by Nick Grant

Man I don’t really have a clue who Nick Grant is and according to his streaming numbers, a lot of other people don’t either. He is very skilled at rapping though and I would like to shout out small artists every week. This guy can spit bar after bar and his music is interesting if you keep your ears nice and open in order to dissect the lyrics. Definitely curious to see what he is up to.

real rich10) “Real Rich (feat. Gucci Mane)” by Wiz Khalifa

Finishing off this week, we have none other than the turn up combo coming in hot with a track about how fucking rich they are. Nothing lyrical in the slightest here, Gucci is iced the out in the Hills and Wiz is still blowing clouds. These kinds of songs are perfectly fine in my eyes though, as they both have had their impacts on the rap game plenty already, despite not being the biggest fan of Wiz personally.


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