If you haven’t listened to J.I.D before, you are honestly doing yourself a disservice. J.I.D, or Destin Route, is a 27 year old rapper from Atlanta and his come up has been real unique to say the least. Currently signed to Dreamville Records while appearing at festivals like Rolling Loud, collaborating with artists such as 6LACK and J Cole, making audio appearances on Donald Glover’s Atlanta, and  is a confirmed member of the 2018 XXL Freshman Cover, there is no doubt J.I.D is in the peak of his come up right now.DMebA9fV4AAeWdq

J.I.D has always been committed to the craft of hip hop, more specifically the lyrical, soul side in which he has sort of made way for his own lane. J.I.D went to college, but due to his focus on making it as an artist, he was kicked out. It wasn’t a waste of time though, as he met some of his most important friends and collaborators, EarthGang. Through collaboration and touring, EarthGang and J.I.D stayed together and signed to Dreamville records, which is absolutely a perfect fit. Dreamville helped J.I.D release his first studio album, The Never Story which definitely exposed mad heads to the ability that he possesses.Dreamville-J.I.D-The-Never-Story-album-cover-art-640x640

“Never”, the first single on this album is definitely an essential listen. J.I.D spits absolutely crazy bars back to back with a gnarly beat switch halfway through. This track demonstrates that he really grew up with nothing, but never had to ask for anything because he was so focused. The beat switch in the middle serves as a bridge between his long past and how bright his future in hip hop is looking.

“Got me fuckin’ up my script, fuck this shit, I got this shit
Gettin’ to the point where everybody say they from the block and shit
With Glocks and shit and poppin’, pimpin’, trappin’, sippin’ lean
Ya’ll niggas fall for anything, you got the plug in Medellín?”

J.I.D provides a new leaf for those seeking the lyrical, soulful, fast rap that is rare these days. However, by creating his own lane he is able to avoid the stigma that J Cole sometimes has. Almost everyone can turn up and get down to his music. You definitely need to Keep an Eye on J.I.D.


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