693fd72afa7e7a49-MACMILLER---7Mac Miller, Larry Fisherman and Malcolm McCormick are all back to give the people what they didn’t know they needed. I’m not sure what’s up with artists going on long, silent breaks these days but it seems to be a more common theme. It makes for a great surprise when they return from hiding though and Mac Miller definitely falls under this category. Mac isn’t active on any social media whatsoever, except to release music, so he could be stranded on an island for all we know. However, with the sudden emergence of this triple release, clearly Mac is making some real good music wherever he is at.

The first track of the three is called “Small Worlds” where Mac begins to tell us the struggles of being rich that he has especially been facing recently, most specifically loneliness. Maybe we should all stay broke, I don’t know. The song provides a beat switch halfway through to a soft jazz tune where he talks about how he is always in a childlike pursuit of his dreams with his music, and that he keeps him grounded, preventing him from slipping away. Really beautiful track.

The second of the trio is called “Buttons” that provides the listeners with a sort of insight into the life that Mac has been living recently. This life entails missing meetings, sleeping at the studio, and denial of relationship issues. Definitely about Ariana Grande, and Mac’s perceived ignorance of his past makes this track pretty sad despite the fact it goes kinda hard. Big shout out to Ariana for bringing the flames outta Mac though!

The final or third song in the series is called “Programs” and its sole purpose is to thump. This song slaps and shows that no matter how long of a break Mac takes, he can easily return with the hardest of bars and flow switches. He tells his fans not to worry because he loves to make a flashy entrance, and is coming back with no distractions. Production slams and the lyrics are there, classic Mac.

All of these tracks are real reminiscent of Mac’s best work, kind of like a mix of GO:OD AM and Faces. It makes me hopeful that his career isn’t done and that we might even be able to expect a larger project coming soon, fingers crossed. Mac Miller certainly hasn’t had the best of times going on recently, with his breakup with Ariana Grande, and alcoholism becoming obvious to the media, catching a heavy DUI. Crazy shit. I am glad that he is finding solace in his music though, as all three of these tracks were amazing, and it seems like his music could be his personal meditation as he gets older. Pray to whatever you believe in for that new project please!


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