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I KNOW YOU1) ” I Know You (feat. Yung Pinch)” by Lil Skies

I just about lost my shit when I saw Lil Skies AND Yung Pinch on a track together. Both of these artists have tons of potential and this track proves it even further. They collaborate to tell their listeners how all of these girls try and get at their fame and money ever since they got rich, but they see right through it and are not having it. Most of you have probably heard Lil Skies, but make sure to listen to Yung Pinch too, he’s good.

YE2) “All Mine” by Kanye West

Oh man, it’s Kanye time. I’m not going to do anything but talk about the track otherwise it’s going to be a novel. I love the witty bars that Yeezy gives us on this track talking about titties and cum, and it’s real cool to hear Kanye show a sensitive side about his love for Kim, which is very rare from him. The beat on this track screams old Kanye too which instantly gives this a positive direction.

Wolverine3) “Wolverine (feat. Yung Bans)” by Nessly

If you read Meteor enough, you know I am a huge fan of Nessly and this song is no exception. Throw in Yung Bans and this is bound to bump. Both of these guys are on major come ups at the moment so definitely keep an eye out. Actually I’m seeing Nessly this weekend so this song got me real hype for that. The cover art is dope too and reminiscent of Travis Scott’s Rodeo.

PROGRAMS4) “Programs” by Mac Miller

I wrote a whole ass article about the return of Mac Miller so feel free to read that real quick for a more detailed description, but Programs is the hardest of the three songs that Mac had released. The sinister violin sample in the beat adds to the feeling that Mac isn’t fucking around and can still rap, despite how long he has been in the game. He has been facing struggles recently, so it’s good to hear new fire music from him.


5) “Santeria” by Pusha T

Man, Pusha T been all over the spotlight the past two weeks so you know I had to include him. Daytona ran off on the charts, although I have my personal opinions about the album (it wouldn’t have been shit without Kanye), but Santeria is definitely my favorite track on the project. Production is so good, and Pusha T works really well with it in order to discuss the tough death of his friend.

FUKK SLEEP6) “Fukk Sleep (feat. FKA twigs)” by A$AP Rocky

Despite all the slander on A$AP Rocky’s new album, I am a real big fan of it. This track here really puts the name Testing to work, by creating a space trap feel that is entrancing, with little intriguing sounds popping up at random. I love it. We really don’t need sleep out here according to Rocky and it’s lowkey a pretty inspiring song. Fka twigs  adds some phenomenal vocals on this too.

CLOCKED IN7) “Clocked In (feat. Rich the Kid)” by Hit-Boy

Hit-Boy who is usually known for his production work, released a project recently titled Tony Fantana where his collaborations with other well known artists definitely caught my attention. After listening to this track right here, I was hooked and bumped it over and over until it got old. Ever since Rich the Kid released The World is Yours this year, I haven’t been able to stop listening and he really adds to this track too, with no surprise.

CLUB CLOSE8) “Club Close” by MadeinTYO

MadeinTYO dropped two tracks this week, this being one of them. I lowkey have been a fan of MadeinTYO for two years, but I actually thought he would fall off. Clearly he is still nice with it and his lane is distinguishable which is absolutely essential for an artist’s longevity these days. I like the track with A$AP Ferg too but this one slightly wins and I like the style that MadeinTYO portrays here. New album coming soon?

BIG BANK9) “Big Bank (feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj)” by YG

This song screams rich and is so fun to listen to. Anything by YG usually has that YG feel, but this time he threw 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj on it, creating a banger that is perfect for bumping at any lit function. Still curious how 2 Chainz is on every track these days, but Big Sean and Nicki Minaj do really well on their verses and fit this song perfectly. I felt like I was wearing a money coat in a Rolls Royce after this.

YE10) “Ghost Town” by Kanye West

Two tracks from Kanye this week, just because both of these are great and the appearance of a new Kanye album is very rare so a lot of my time has been spent listening to it. Ghost Town is a beautiful track that has a plethora of not only instruments but features which include Kid Cudi, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Kanye’s new music prodigy, 070 Shake. This song would be really good for a credits scene and I can’t wait for the Cudi album now.


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