Kanye is really good at making us wait for albums, especially since this one wasn’t officially released on streaming services until about 10 am this morning, despite it being promised last night. Anyways, Kanye threw another listening party similar to the one he did for ye, except this one was actually set around a huge fire in a ghost town giving it a spooky feeling to set the tone for the track. Kanye has really been feeling the whole Ghost Town thing recently huh? After at least three listens today, I feel that on Kids See Ghosts, Kanye and Kid Cudi give us a near simulation of a mental illness patient rising past their issues, that is backed up through pristine instrumentation that matches it. Seriously, something about Kanye production is just on a different level. I especially appreciate his ability recently to emulate the problems that bipolar or depression victims face everyday, and I can’t be mad about that.

07-kanye-kid-cudi.w1200.h630This album certainly couldn’t have been expected two years ago with the friendship issues that Kanye and Cudi have been going through the past years, but this track is an ode to resolution and proves that they have more similarities than differences. As heard on the first track of the album, Feel the Love, everyone at G.O.O.D Music has tons of love for each other, with Pusha T even giving the first verse on this album. We get it Kanye you love Pusha T. Although, they all do sound great on a track all together, that is until Kanye starts doing his stupid ad libs towards the end that kind of ruin the song. Literally sounds like an animal that is crying for help as it’s dying.


Brrrat-tat-da-da-da, da


Brrr-ah-da-da-da, brrr-ah-da-da-da

Brrr-ah-da-da-da, brrr-ah-da-da-da

Brrr-ah-brrr-ah, brrr-ah-ga-grrrat


The second track on the album called “Fire”, gives us the Kid Cudi rapping debut, where I let out a sigh of relief that I wasn’t going to be listening to his signature hums the whole album. He begins to talk about moving past his mental illness and taking assistance from God. The production on this track is reminiscent of Yeezus too, which can be compared to a guitar riff playing as you ride a solo motorcycle through a desert while wearing a leather jacket.  The third track is titled “4th Dimension” and shows that Kanye is still master of sampling while going into the whole theme of ghosts even further, with lowkey scary paranormal sounds sprinkled throughout it.

The fifth track is titled “Freee (Ghost Town Pt. 2) and definitely fits the name. It’s not as good as the “Ghost Town” on ye and has all kinds of weird vocals but i still love the message about going past society and the judgements you feel from it,. They realize that once you rise past them, a sense of freedom is achieved which is a feeling that Cudi and Kanye have both equally experienced in different forms. “Reborn” is the fifth track and is really a Kid Cudi anthem, and I wish we had more like this. The title track “Kids See Ghosts” is a full song that gives us a fire Kanye verse about the expectations that society has from him, with a great Mos Def chorus transitioning the song. The last and final track on the project is titled “Cudi Montage” and provides a guitar sample tribute to Kurt Cobain that sounds so pleasing to the ears. It’s cool to actually hear Kanye talk about the issues in Chicago now too, ranging from high crime rates and jail time, even if it was only for four bars.

kid-cudi-kanye-west-yeezy-s3The tracks on this album are versed and cover a variety of different topics. Kid Cudi mostly talks about his rise from mental illness and depression that he has faced his whole life, most apparent on “Reborn” and “Fire”. Kanye proves that he is still the master of production and sampling with “4th Dimension” and “Cudi Montage”, while also discussing the issues he has been facing of expectations from society with “Kids See Ghosts”.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this Kanye spotlight of releases, because Yeezy Szn is finally over. I can’t help but to think that everyone at G.O.O.D music sees Kanye as the emperor, with Pusha T and Cudi letting him take the creative direction on both of their projects. It feels like Daytona, ye and KSG have all been the work of Kanye West. The whole 7 track format thing is getting kind of annoying already too, especially with Cudi and Pusha ditching their whole format just to obey Kanye. I think both of them have the potential to be as good as Kanye and shouldn’t be creatively limited because of the direction Kanye wants to go. Not saying that Kanye isn’t creatively gifted, I just wish that Kid Cudi and Pusha T were more distinguished.

As an art piece, I am very happy with the result of this project. I think that it is different enough from ye, despite the lack of Kid Cudi input which would easily give this album a more unique sense. The production and scale of grandeur can be absolutely jaw dropping at times and it’s great to see the comparisons that Kid Cudi and Kanye have had with their mental illness, but how they are in a similar state of rebirth at this point in their life. Each song is unique enough and gives a different feel, which is something that I can respect a lot. I’m glad these two artists have once again lived up to their name  as legends.

Best Tracks: “4th Dimension” “Fire” “Reborn”
Worst Tracks: Nvm it grew on me 

Album Rating: 4.6/5


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