If you love rap and also love chilling on a California beach getting high as a kite, then Yung Pinch’s music is absolutely for you. Yung Pinch is an emerging artist from the Huntington Beach area which isn’t typically connected to rap music at all. He is known for making good vibe music, and it has me feeling some type of way. I might be biased since I go to college in Southern California (Go Aztecs) but I think he has a really unique style that is definitely looking like it could blow up within the next year.


Pinch began his hip hop career about four years ago where, just like many others, he began posting his tracks on Soundcloud. His earlier tracks were familiar to that of classic hip hop, but over time he found a sound that fits him a lot more. I still consider it hip hop, but he incorporates all kinds of melodic singing and hooks with the rap verses to give it a one of a kind feel. You hear everybody talk about consistency these days, but Yung Pinch proves that this is an essential key for success. He currently uploads some sort of media/content, whether it be a music video, new song, or a whole new project every Friday, which he calls #4EVERFRIDAY. This has no doubt allowed him to gain consistent new fans while also demonstrating that he appreciates them, an act that many artists forget to do these days. While on the subject, his music videos are some of the best in my opinion. They always have a quality production style to them with the best effects you can imagine. I don’t even think I have seen an artist with this many music videos and as a person who dabbles in music video directing as well, I respect it a lot. They definitely trip you out every now and then too which fits his music perfectly.


As far as drugs go, Yung Pinch is even for the kids. He doesn’t partake in lean, xans, coke or any other harming drugs! Simply the all beloved green plant. This is because of his family history revolving drugs. Both of his parents have struggled with drug addiction, forcing him to live with his Grandma and fill the “man of the house” shoes early on. It also instilled an anti drug policy within him, but he still blows that gas 24/7.

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 2.00.08 PMScreen Shot 2018-06-24 at 2.00.34 PM

I wouldn’t say that Yung Pinch is underrated by any means, as he has toured with SOB x RBE and headlined for Migos, Young Thug, and Playboi Carti. He also has tracks with big names like Lil Skies and G-Eazy. With his Instagram at already 300k followers, and his Spotify listeners at nearly 3 million, it’s pretty obvious that we need to keep an eye on Yung Pinch.


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