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YBN can easily be called a dream team of young rappers. YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Cordae have all pioneered the huge wave of the name and what it holds today. It all began within an Xbox Live party too. Nahmir has always been into content creation and this originally came in the form of posting gaming livestreams, specifically GTA V. Him and his friends would just be chilling in the Xbox Live party spitting freestyles while cruising around the online world of Los Santos. Little did anyone know that this would turn into one of the biggest new emerging rap movements to be identified today.



Like I said, it all began with the mastermind movements of Nahmir. After spending countless hours rapping online and living like a teenager in Birmingham, Alabama, he decided to drop his first hit song through Worldstar called “Rubbin Off The Paint” in September of 2017 which took off like a rocket. He immediately gained a following and continued this exponential growth with “Bounce Out With That” which he dropped in January of 2018, following closely to the numbers that “Rubbin Off The Paint” did. From his music you could tell he had a certain style that allowed him to move fluidly with his unique flow over bouncy beats and production. His clear ability to make absolute hits even landed him on the XXL Freshman Cover this year, where we anxiously await his performance on the cypher.



The next member of YBN to come up was Almighty Jay, fresh from the Xbox Live party that Nahmir used to hang out in too. He saw how well Nahmir did and figured he might as well become a hit maker too, where he released “Chopsticks” in November of 2017. His style compared to Nahmir is more aggressive and hard, allowing the YBN movement to diversify. Almighty Jay used this newfound fame to quickly rise up the ranks of celebrities and found himself in a relationship with the infamous Blac Chyna who was over 10 years older than him. Everybody was shook by his ability to secure females quickly and this became a staple of his name. Jay definitely got the juice.



More recently, YBN Cordae has come into the spotlight of the group’s success. Cordae began popping off when he released his J Cole 1985 Response via Worldstar in May of 2018. This definitely had all eyes on him quickly with it amounting over a million views within the week. People were surprisingly impressed with the track and Cordae’s classic ability to spit intelligent bars, seemingly closing the generational gap between old heads and new heads. Since then, he has dropped another single and landed himself a No Jumper interview, where he showed that YBN had gained themselves a smart lyricst, extending their operations in even more directions. He even dapped up J Cole at the BET Awards, proving that there was never any beef.

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Watch any interview or video with all three of these guys together and you can see that there is a real team chemistry. They all have their own unique lanes, but can goof off and be themselves around each other. I think one of the most interesting things about YBN is their foundations and what they show about our current world. They demonstrate both aspects of friendship and business, while also proving yet again to the world that you don’t need to be a 40 year old adult with college degrees to make it big. This million dollar, team operation was literally founded from an Xbox party and they can now be seen everywhere within the culture. Use YBN as inspiration for yourself and your dreams, and really watch out for what they accomplish the next few years within the rap scene.


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