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It’s easy to be excited for Meek Mill with the recent release of his EP Legends of the Summer, especially after being released from jail only two months ago on April 24th, 2018. The man has faced issues with the law for over 10 years and is finally free to be back doing what he loves by supporting your Spotify and Apple Music playlists with his best new shit. How long will he be free though?

Meek Mill began having problems with the Philadelphia Police Department at the young age of 19, where Officer Reggie Graham arrested Meek for illegal possession of a firearm and seeing him distribute crack…who also just happened to be the lone witness during his conviction. In the recent years, Officer Graham has been found to be a dirty cop, containing a surprisingly lengthy track record of finessing both other cops and criminals through racial profiling and even physical measures sometimes.

Meek argued against Graham during his first hearings with Judge Brinkley, who would be the sole decider of his fate in the upcoming decade, but to no avail. Since Graham had been the only witness, it was his word that was taken, leaving Meek to serve his first of many jail sentences. After this, Meek and Brinkley remained in a war in between his meteoric rise of his music, his repeated jail sentences and his probation. It seemed that the more his music began to pop off, the more Brinkley wanted him to return to prison…or get her name popular from it.


In November of 2017, Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in jail for violating his probation by popping a wheelie on his motorcycle in the streets of Philly while recording a new music video. During this time, Brinkley met with Meek behind closed doors and requested in a reportedly very serious manner to remix a song she liked by Boyz II Men. She also asked for him to shout her name out in the song. Uhhh what? For a professional who seemed to be so against everything Meek did, she sure did want her name in the music that was making him millions of dollars. Meek declined and off to jail he went, until April 24th, 2018.

Meek Mill is now 31 years old, with two children, and has completely given up his street efforts of selling drugs and straps. His music has been popular for a decade, and you cannot deny that he is extremely successful. For some reason though, the United States jail system really wants to keep him locked up. Meek is just one example of the thousands of cases similar to this in our country that appears to not want people of color to have a chance at growing past their mistakes and indicative to a much larger issue we face in 2018. Watch his recent emotional performance of his new song “Stay Woke (feat. Miguel)” at the BET awards if you want a visual representation of what he feels is going on.

Thankfully, Meek Mill has a ton of supporters, both within his community and on a superstar level. Most of the Philadelphia 76er’s, the owner of the New England Patriots, and Jay-Z have all visited Meek in jail and been advocates of the changes that need to be made, definitely helping his message be seen on a larger level.

However, these changes won’t happen until the United States decides to do something about it, and of course our current all star government certainly could give less of a fuck. It blows my mind that this rapper hasn’t seen a day of his adult life without the hawk like supervision of the law, despite turning the entirety of his life around. I do think that his efforts and supporters help a lot to recognize these massive problems, and hopefully by the time we get a new president in 2021 the message will be clear that change in our court system is necessary.



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