Best Tracks: “Together” “Missing My Idols” “Forever Ever”

Worst Tracks: “Bird Shit” “Shake It Up”

In an era where the newest “mumble rapper” pops up every week, it’s easy to label Trippie Redd as a product of this wave and throw him into the mix, especially because of how quickly he has recently come up. He really only started taking off with his music career in 2017, and was crowned the title of a 2018 XXL Freshman, so Trippie Redd may be an unfamiliar name to many until the recent release of his debut studio album LIFE’S A TRIP which dropped this past Friday. Despite all of the labels and stereotypes suggesting mediocrity and unoriginality that you might hear alongside Trippie Redd’s name, he is far from any of that. This album gives us a genuine introduction to who he is and the loyalty he holds to his own unique style.

maxresdefaultWhile there is definitely a baseline of hip hop surrounding its entirety, the album is not strictly bound by rap in any fashion. There are elements of rock and alternative influences over non traditional instrumentals, and a whole lot of singing, which shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise, as Trippie Redd is a self proclaimed “rockstar”. The influences and different style is implemented with unique guitar driven production on tracks like “Together” and “Bang!”. However, Trippie Redd is still an advocate and member of the hip hop culture, and he surprised myself and many others with his rapping ability on parts of this tape with songs like “Missing my Idols” and “Oomps Revenge”, where he happily delivers clever bars and intricate anecdotes about dead family members.

“Now the chips is stacking up, I need like every fucking penny
And everyone that’s with me
I used to feel alone, but I know my brother’s soul is with me
I know Oompa’s soul is with me”

The project isn’t perfect though, and can be seen with the tracks “Bird Shit” and “Shake It Up” where very basic and annoyingly repetitive lyrics make me yawn over the extremely dry production. Besides these two songs, Trippie can definitely carry himself through a project nearly solo, as he only has three features in Young Thug, Reese LaFLARE and Travis Scott, whom certainly add to the tracks they are in, but don’t take from Trippie’s spotlight.


LIFE’S A TRIP is a 14 track long, inside look at the life of Trippie Redd. Through dreamy singing and production on songs like “Wish (feat. Diplo)” and “Underwater FlyZone”, we truly get a taste of the hazy world that he lives in, and how difficult it might be for him to stay focused and composed through his inconsistent thought processes. With many different genres governing the direction of the album and Trippie as a whole, staleness can be avoided and a unique passion project is birthed. Trippie Redd has absolutely helped to verify his spot as a serious artist in the new age of “hip hop” and is worthy of all the hype he has received in the past few years.


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