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astroworld1) ” CAROUSEL” by Travis Scott

This second track of Astroworld blew me away when I first heard it. The distant vocal sample that builds up the drop of the track and carries Travis’ vocals throughout the song is phenomenal. When Frank Ocean casually slid into the track after the one minute mark to form the chorus, my jaw dropped. Travis and Frank make a great combo and this is definitely one of the best tracks on Astroworld.

lifes a trio2) “Forever Ever (feat. Young Thug & Reese LaFLARE)” by Trippie Redd

The fifth track of Trippie Redd’s newest project, LIFE’S A TRIP, features Young Thug and Reese LaFLARE and is a smooth ballad talking about women and wealth. It contains the same great production that the rest of the project has and is super vibey. Young Thug always doing some weird ass vocals but it works here again, as it usually does.

no rest3) “No Restby Lil Skies

Lil Skies is the golden boy of the newest generation of rappers and one of my favorite artists in the last decade, so whenever he drops new shit, I am never disappointed. Skies talks about his newfound lifestyle of riches and how he never has any time to take it easy. However, he still holds the idea that he is flexing on his haters and grinding harder than ever, a theme that is consistent on most of this tracks.

taboo4) “SIRENS (feat. J.I.D.)by Denzel Curry

I personally think TA13OO is one of the most diverse and interesting albums released this year. When I saw the J.I.D feature on this track I got very excited, as he holds down the throne of modern lyricism and is often compared to Kendrick Lamar. Per Denzel Curry, this track touches on deep issues such as the problems he faces with the media and America’s judicial system. Best track on the album.

car confessions

5) “Car Confessions” by Young M.A

Young M.A really been killing shit lately, with this track and PettyWap popping off in the past month. In this track, she hops on a Meek Mill Dreamchasers type beat to tell us all of the thoughts she has when cruising alone in her car. It is easily one her most lyrical tracks to date and discusses the distractions and motivations she faces such as haters and family.

1998 truman6) “1998 TRUMAN” by BROCKHAMPTON

BROCKHAMPTON has been steadily releasing tracks this summer, presumably from their upcoming album titled Puppy. They stay true to their style with this song full of beat switches and crazy percussion. It proves that even with Ameer, who was one of their most talented rappers, leaving their self proclaimed boy band, they can still turn up and make bangers.

astroworld7) “HOUSTONFORNICATION” by Travis Scott

This cameo to the Red Hot Chili Peppers is another one of my favorite tracks on Astroworld. I think this song really captures the atmosphere of Astroworld and puts the listener into the imaginary amusement park that Travis has birthed. He fills this song with all kinds of beat switches and famous ad libs, over spacey production. You can easily see its resemblance to older Travis projects like Rodeo.

swimming8) “Ladders ” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s newest album is a journey through his own mind while learning to accept himself and the life he lives. This track is one of the more upbeat on the album and has the classic funky style instrumental that we have heard from Mac the past few years. His singing is some of the best I have heard from him and you can tell he is really feeling himself and weaving through the beat.

kept back9) “Kept Back (feat. Lil Pump)” by Gucci Mane

Lil Pump and Gucci Mane come together on this track to create a straight trap, turn up song. There isn’t a whole lot of substance but surprisingly Lil Pump actually flows and raps tenfold better than he usually does. These two are some of the biggest rappers to hit the charts and when they collaborate on this Atlanta-esque beat, it was bound to slap and thump from the start.

dave east10) “NOBU” by Dave East

If you read our articles here enough, you know I think Dave East is extremely slept on. In July he dropped his newest project titled Karma 2 which I haven’t really listened to much of, but I came across this track on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and dawg I was so impressed. His flow is nuts and the sinister beat just lets the listener know that he isn’t playing around at all.


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