With the announcement, tracklist, and release date of the unexpected Logic project,  Young Sinatra IV all coming to the people’s knowledge within the past three weeks, it’s safe to say that the community of Logic fans are in a pure chaotic storm of excitement. Logic, aka Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, has consistently been growing his fan base for almost a decade and has absolutely gained one of the largest in the whole industry. His message of peace, love, and positivity went viral and attracted both hate and love from many. However, many claim that his newest years in the creation of music are far inferior to his beginnings despite the insane amount of numbers his tracks are reaching. I have no doubt that the sales of Young Sinatra IV will be stellar, but will the quality of it be the same as his original Young Sinatra Trilogy?

The reception of Logic’s projects have been mostly positive until the 2017 release of Everybody. Fans that had been the first founders of Logic music on 2011 YouTube even seemed to be disappointed with this album. There was something about it that didn’t hit the same as his classic freshman staple album Under Pressure did. Everybody got critical reception of being overly preachy, thematically repetitive and simply annoying compared to the nasty, flow ripping Logic many of us had come to know from his Young Sinatra days. Since then, a lot has changed about Logic as a person in general. He has had two Grammy nominations, shaved his head, gotten a divorce and admitted to smoking weed, so it makes his audience a little curious as to where exactly his head is at.

However, with the release of the YSIV Freestyle on YouTube, followed by singles like The Return and Everybody Dies, fans definitely have their hopes up for what’s to come. He appears to be more focused and lyrical than ever giving us similar sounds and bars that we heard on Young Sinatra (2011), Young Sinatra: Undeniable (2012), and Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever (2013). It has been a long time since we have heard this style of Logic, but we will see if it is truly a return to form on this Friday, September 28th.



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