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If you haven’t listened to J.I.D before, you are honestly doing yourself a disservice. J.I.D, or Destin Route, is a 27 year old rapper from Atlanta and his come up has been real unique to say the least. Currently signed to Dreamville Records while appearing at festivals like Rolling Loud, collaborating with artists such as 6LACK and J Cole, making audio appearances on Donald Glover’s Atlanta, and  is a confirmed member of the 2018 XXL Freshman Cover, there is no doubt J.I.D is in the peak of his come up right now.DMebA9fV4AAeWdq Continue reading “KEEP AN EYE ON J.I.D”

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On May 25th, A$AP Rocky returned from the 3 year hiatus he had taken from his career just like Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight Returns, releasing his third studio album TESTING. Rocky definitely had been gassing this album up claiming it was bringing new sounds and experimentation with it. I don’t believe it was as sonically experimental as it was made to bed, but … Continue reading A$AP ROCKY “TESTING” ALBUM REVIEW

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LORD FLVCKO is really back. In this past week, Rakim Mayers has put on a unique album reveal called Lab Rat, introduced the cover of his newest project, and has now released his long awaited album Testing. After listening and absorbing this album less than an hour after it dropped, I think it is important that we analyze the history, come up and career of Rocky before he begins to receive his recognition as one of the greatest ever to enter the hip hop scene. We have witnessed an absolutely iconic transformation of a poor Harlem rapper into a symbol and visionary for all of the culture…let’s take a deeper look into A$AP Rocky. Continue reading “A$AP ROCKY: AN ANALYSIS”

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NAV is back to represent all of Toronto and show everyone that he is still “the first brown boy to get it poppin”. I haven’t really been keeping up with NAV so I was surprised when this album popped up on my Spotify. Last summer when he dropped his mixtape collaboration with Metro Boomin’, Perfect Timing, I was playing it everywhere I went for a solid month. I really couldn’t help myself because of the fact that he had superstar features every third track. This man really got Gucci, Lil Uzi, Carti, Offset and 21 Savage on the project! Anyways, high expectations were definitely set as I entered his first official studio album, Reckless. Unfortunately I came to the realization that without the help of others, NAV’s music is relatable to taking a Xanax…I don’t really remember a lot of it. Continue reading “NAV “RECKLESS” ALBUM REVIEW”

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Kyle is finally here with his first debut album Light of Mine to fill everyone’s summer with SuperDuperHappinessandGoodVibes. Oh wait, this album is actually a deep dive into Kyle’s mind of alternating depression and girl problems. Well it’s definitely different than his other work and I was excited to listen. I have personally been a real big fan of Kyle for a few years after discovering his fire track “Keep It Real” off of his 2013 project titled Beautiful Loser and keeping it on replay for a few months. This continued with his very much overlooked 2015 project, Smyle which was exceptional and really showed that he has a lot of potential. However, Light of Mine shows an unfamiliar style of Kyle that took me by surprise. This newly released album is a great effort at looking into Kyle’s sad side, which is rarely seen or portrayed, while also providing a few summer hits despite it being clouded by an annoying concept with Lil Yachty.