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You may or may not have heard the name Nessly pop up on a Spotify playlist or in your friend’s car over the past year and a half. My first experience with this unique artist was probably similar to many others, in which I came across “Season (feat. Lil Yachty)” , surprised to see Lil Boat on a song with someone I have never heard of. However, after listening to that track and realizing it absolutely slaps, I fell in love with Nessly’s voice, which seems to synthesize some of hip hop’s favorite sounds. His style is immediately unique and automatically intriguing, only to be described as a mix of Travis Scott auto-tune, a dash of SoundCloud underground and plentiful melodic hooks. Nessly is an artist that has clearly had a slow rise that was meant for a purpose of perfecting his lane and  reaching larger audiences.

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